Friday, December 9, 2011

My Action Research Plan

These last few weeks I have been working hard to establish a plan for research on a topic that I would like to help improve. I focused on students on behavior intervention plans. My idea is that if we are able to rain teachers to able successfully work with the worst behaved students, then they should be able to work with all students and eliminate most if not all discipline issues. Here is my plan:

Action Planning Template
Action Steps(s):
Person(s) Responsible:
Timeline: Start/End
Needed Resources
A study will be done to see what strategies can be implemented in the classroom to reduce the number of behavior problems in the classroom with students on behavior intervention problems.

I would like to work with a sample group of five regular education teachers on the same team and also pair them with a special education teacher for peer mentoring/coaching. The target students will be the students on that team who are on intervention plans, but have not been successful in the classroom and are receiving office referrals.
The study will take place over one semester beginning in the spring.
1. I will need to look at office referrals for special education students specifically those that have behavior intervention
2. The behavior intervention plans of the students taking place in the study.
3. Survey the regular education teachers about the use of the interventions on individual student’s behavior plans.
1. I will need to compare the number of referrals at the beginning of the study with those at the end.
2. Review the behavior intervention plan and teacher surveys to address areas of need.
I will research solutions to help students on behavior intervention plans stay on track and be successful in the classroom.

I will do the research, but I will collaborate with the team of teachers participating in my study on the solutions and theories that I find.
I will read and research solutions for at least one-two hours a day for one month prior to beginning study. During this time, I will design a research brief including a thorough outline of my inquiry.
I will do a Google search in the following areas: how to read and understand a behavior intervention plan, how to implement a behavior intervention plan, and what solution have other educators found to be successful in eliminating behavior problems.
I will compile a step by step plan that consists of solutions for eliminating behavior problems, especially for students on intervention plans.
I will share my findings with the team of teachers participating in my study.

The teachers involved, the special education peer mentor/coach, and myself.
Two weeks prior to beginning the study.
We will need to review the specific areas being addressed in the classroom and the data collected from my research. We will discuss their thoughts on the solutions presented.
We will determine if new wonderings form, and if more research needs to be done, or if we are ready to move forward with what we have. If more research will be done, we will need to meet again the following week.
Draft a plan of action that the team will take to eliminate behavior problems in the classroom, and decide how and when they will be able to work with the special education mentor/coach.

I will confer with the principal to make sure that he is on board with the solutions that we will be trying and make sure that we have all available resources needed.
One week prior to beginning the study.
The plan of action and a list of required materials if any.
If the principal and teachers agree, we will be ready to try the strategy plan.
We will begin implementing the solutions in the classroom at the beginning of the second semester.
The teachers participating, students who have been unsuccessful in behaving in the classroom, the special education mentor.
This will begin in the spring semester and continue until the end of the school year.
1. Teachers will need to share weekly what is working for them and what they are having difficulty in implementing.
2. The peer coach will need to provide assistance during class at least twice a week and provide feedback to the regular education teacher.
I will need to monitor referrals/behavior complaints.
I will take field notes, and collaborate with the team weekly. We will have to revise our action plan as necessary.
A report of the successful strategies will be drafted, as well as the strategies that did not.
The team of teachers, the special education coach, and myself.
This will take place at the end of the semester.
1. Completed Surveys.
2. Any office referrals of the students over the semester.
3. Field notes.
4. Interview the students on their experiences.
I should be able to provide a comprehensive plan that eliminates/reduces behavior issues in the classroom designed for students on intervention plans, but not limited just to them.
Share the techniques and strategies, that the team found successful, with other colleagues,  so that they can be used school wide.
The teachers involved, the special education peer mentor/coach, and myself.
Staff development at the beginning of the year.
1. A review of what was studied and the strategies that were successful.
2. The special education coach will describe how to use the strategies.
3. The teachers will discuss how they were able to make the strategies work for them.
All teachers will be able to implement the strategies in their classrooms and office referrals will be reduced/eliminated.

Format based on Tool 7.1 from Examining What We Do to Improve Our Schools
(Harris, Edmonson, and Combs, 2010)
I look forward to hearing your advice, sugesstions, and comments. Hope your all having a great week!

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